The Sistine Chapel Choir, directed by their chorus-master Mgr. Massimo Palombella, takes part in the liturgical service at the celebrations where the Supreme Pontiff Pope Francis officiates.
The work undertaken in recent years, that is, taking on board the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council as a “point of no return” and serious engagement with semiological studies of Gregorian chant and polyphony, have turned the Sistine Chapel Choir into a choir that sings and lives in today’s world, aware that, above all else, its professional role is to perform an ecclesiastical service.

Countless collaborations with the leading European choirs to foster ecumenical dialogue (with The Choir of Westminster Abbey, the Tomanerchor from Leipzig, and the Moscow Synodal Choir, among others) are a tangible sign of a clear plan that calls for professionalism and seriousness, and puts the Sistine Chapel Choir in the position of being able properly to fulfil its ecclesiastical mandate.