The Papal Sistine Chapel Choir

With a history that stretches back some 1500 years, this is the oldest choir still active in the world today. Part of its significance lies in the fact that it has kept going down through the centuries, most importantly during the critically important period of the Renaissance, when it found its own natural “theatre” in the Sistine Chapel. With all its frescoes, this chapel stands as a monument to beauty, and its distinctive acoustic has influenced all the choir’s accumulated repertoire, one which strikes a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. A jewel that will be passed down to future generations with all its spiritual and artistic beauty intact.

But there is more to the Sistine Chapel Choir than just its cultural legacy: it plays an active part during the papal celebrations in St Peter’s Basilica, and in the Sistine Chapel itself. As the Holy Father’s personal choir, it is called upon to play an ecumenical role, and be part of the relationship between the various Christian confessions, contributing to bringing together in art what has been separated by history and politics. This mission has led us into dialogue with leading choirs around the world, to undertaking international tours and to making our work known through recordings of our repertoire on Deutsche Grammophon.

Evensong in the Chapel Royal

May 24th, 3 AM Evensong in the Chapel Royal. St. James’s Palace; with the Choir of Her Majesty’s Chapel Royal.

Holy Mass on the Solemnity of Pentecost

Holy Mass on the Solemnity of Pentecost Holy Mass Vatican Basilica, 2018 May 20th, 10 AM   Canto Processionale: Veni, Sancte Spiritus (M: Jacques Berthier) Introito: Spiritus Domini Atto Penitenziale: Vidi aquam Gloria: Missa de Angelis (Polifonia…

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